sponsor kolore kolore!

kolorekolore.com is an illustration collection that will gradually grow, so sponsors are vital to our proyect. patrons allow us create new worksheets.

one sponsor = a new worksheet!

sponsor a new worksheet costs 220 € (+ VAT). do you want to support us???

what do you sponsor?

  • a new worksheet will be created and placed in the website in the section that corresponds.
  • a DIN A4 worksheet will be created and the sponsor’s logo will be included in it.
  • the illustration will have to versions: colored and to color.
  • sponsor’s logo will be incluided in the right side of the web, in the patron space ‘K_sustatzaile’. the logo will stay for one month once the worksheet is published in the web.
  • the patron can propose the subject developed in the worksheet and we will take into account. kolore kolore will develope the design and decide what is the most appropiate.
  • the author’s rights of sponsored worksheets belong to the designer/illustrator.

we have lots of worksheets to create, so why not become a sponsor of kolorekolore.com!!