1025 – senior Garcia Acenariz de Ipuscua

October 27, 2015 in *side-notes by kolorekolore

The first document were the place name Ipuscua (Gipuzkoa) appears is dated 1025. “Senior Garcia Acenariz de Ipuscua” or “Mr. Garcia Acenariz from Gipuzkoa” We found an PDF with this article “Documento importante” were the copy of the handwritten text is included. We were not able to find the concrete word “ipuscua” so we asked
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Oh txantxangorriak…

September 29, 2015 in *side-notes by kolorekolore

… gelako sapaian… Robin redbreast is a very common bird in here. There is a very famous song that repeats “oh txantxangorriak” in its chorus, and this chorus was in our heads during the design process. Two new sheets, both robin redbreast masks. A simple one, just cut it, put an elastic and it’s ready.
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The sun and basque graphic design

September 18, 2015 in *side-notes by kolorekolore

In terms of graphic design the “eguzkilore” (flower of the sun) is one of our simbols. They were placed in the entrance of the “baserria” to get rid of bad luck. Nowadays there are representations of “eguzkilore”s in different materials: wood, pottery, metal, jewery pieces… The real one’s the one’s in the mountains can not
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Mari, Mari… Marijaia dator

August 26, 2015 in *side-notes by kolorekolore

Marijaia Bilboko Aste Nagusira urtero etortzen den pertsonaia da. Pertsonaiak zapia buruan eta baserri giroko jantziak ditu eta Mari Puri Herrero artistak sortu zuen 1978an Jai Batzordeak eskatuta. Aurpegi irribarretsua eta sudur handia du. Besoak altxatuta ditu beti dantzarako jarrera alaiarekin. Urtero Mari Jaiaren arropak aldatzen dira eta arropa berriarekin etortzen zaigu. Aste Nagusiaren hasieran
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Masks for St. John’s bonfire

June 19, 2015 in *side-notes by kolorekolore

I really like Saint John’s bonfire. Since I was a little girl fire’s mistery attracted me, the heat but also its violence, its noises, the festive atmosphere, the nervousness… Last years worksheets’ subject were bonfire and dancing aroun the bonfire. The new worksheets are focused on masks. Zugarramurdi was the inspiration so we decided to
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it began to rain…

March 3, 2015 in *side-notes by kolorekolore

and continued raining non stop… until sadness reached everywere. This happened these days and somehow we want you to know. “colored / from the heart” If you need to tell you story there is a worksheet ready for you. “to draw / draw stories”  

Family + school = me(x)

November 7, 2014 in *side-notes by kolorekolore

Our children, sometimes, perfectly know what do they enjoy with. At home and at school they are always practicing their favorite sports and activities. At school they discover new worlds: animals, sports, countries, jobs, languajes, sciences… All those things they see, learn and life enhance their lives and help creating a dream, an illusion or
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democracy at home

October 16, 2014 in *side-notes by kolorekolore

HAZI HEZI journal. number 10. In their last main article Hazi hezi considers which are our acts with our children. Do we ask them to be respectfull, well-manered, equal? But are we, parents, respectfull, well-manered, equal with them? Read the complete article [Basque language] So we have created a comunication sheet. Equal, respectfull, with two
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Bilintx, basque classics

September 26, 2014 in *side-notes by kolorekolore

This is Indalezio Bizkarrondo, an unforgetable profile of basque literature. This images helped us in the design of our sheet, a new design for a classic. Born in Donostia, love poet who had a tragic and romantic death. Here you have Bilintx and part of one of his poems (impossible not to sing it when
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Healthy habits in childhood, the best investment for a healthy life

July 16, 2014 in *side-notes by kolorekolore

HAZI HEZI journal. number 9 Being healthy it’s not just not being ill, health is more than no disease existence; it’s well-being, physicaly, emotionaly and socially. Read the complete article [Basque language]   We create this worksheet to work the contents developed in the article.   A person is the result of the things we
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ongi etorri · wellcome · bienvenid@s

July 3, 2014 in *side-notes by kolorekolore


wellcome to the English version of kolorekolore.com.  even if the Basque version was already online, we’ve been working really hard to create this “en” version.   even if the worksheets will be in Basque laguage, we will provide you all the translations you need to understand them ( in the web). if you don’t find
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