k_lagun (k_friend)

1. donation

we started our proyect with a double goal: offer free, quality materials in an ad free site.

we decided financing with patrons (sustatzaile). reaching patrons is not always easy but we don’t want to be conditioned by this and we keep creating new materials.

if you often visit our site that’s a good sign. if you love our project and want to sustain it, you can do it here. became our k_lagun and donate.

Eskerrik asko!


2. content contribution

if you are a designer, illustrator or content creator/producer, you can send us your illustrations. you’ll be part of our illustration collection and we will spread your work.

if you are an educationalist, a psychologist… and you want to share your knowledge with us, please contact us. you will help us creating more educational content.

our blog “side-notes” is open to your articles.