1025 – senior Garcia Acenariz de Ipuscua

October 27, 2015 in *side-notes by kolorekolore

The first document were the place name Ipuscua (Gipuzkoa) appears is dated 1025.

“Senior Garcia Acenariz de Ipuscua” or “Mr. Garcia Acenariz from Gipuzkoa”

We found an PDF with this article “Documento importante” were the copy of the handwritten text is included.

olazabal-dohaitza, monastegia, ipuscua, 1025,

We were not able to find the concrete word “ipuscua” so we asked for help to Euskomedia Fundazioa and they send us this:


senior Garcia Acenariz de Ipuzcua
1025, ipuscua

So we rewrite the word and here you have:

ipuscua, 1025

The worksheet??? what type of worksheet have we create??

One that invites you to draw how you imagine living in 1025 in Ipuscua was.
Euskomedia fundazioari , thank you for your help.
ipuscua, 1025